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Clients & Compliments

Providing German to (American-) English translations in a diverse variety of fields with the main emphasis on
technical / legal / pharmaceutical concerns in a seemingly equal mix with the entertainment / communication realm.


I enjoy working with strong companies that can recognize and utilize such an atypical combination of talents and abilities.


Partial list of clients include:

  McCartney Multimedia, Los Angeles
  Bavaria Film Studios (legal + animation
   depts.); Munich, Germany

auf Anfrage (aus Gründen des Vertraulichkeits)
Patent attorney/law firm references
         upon request (due to reasons of confidentiality)
  Greenlight Film/Greenlight Media; Berlin
   (producers of
Simsalagrimm, etc.)
  various Siemens & McDonald's jobs
   (through translation agencies)
  Merial GmbH (animal drugs/R&D); Munich
aaFortuna (venture financing); Munich
  Cryptorealist artist Davood Roostaei website
LMC-LAN Management Consulting GmbH / realTech
(computer network software); Munich
  Top Story Filmproduktion;Medienstadt Babelsberg,
   Postdam/Berlin, Germany
  Merrimotion Pictures; Munich, Germany
  SG Süsswarenhandel (international  
   confectionery trade association); Munich

  IPK International (tourism institute); Munich
Free X Film Productions; Munich
Wieners + Wieners (advertising); Hamburg

Partial list of translation agencies:

  Text & Co.; Munich
  TransPerfect; New York & London
  The Language Doctors; Washington D.C.
  Wordbank; London
  Sternkopf Communications ; Sachsen

"The trouble with doing translation right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was."

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"einfach "brillant" sagt unser Prüfer.
Und ich muss gestehen, ich habe noch nie eine solch gute Beurteilung eines Prüfers erhalten."
from a multi-subject Probeübersetzung done for a leading German translation agency

"Danke für Ihre Bemühungen betreffend eines Co-Writers für unser Projekt."
Frau Jutta Rabe, Top Story Filmproduction

"I really congratulate you for not only simply capturing the essence of the text, but also retaining its rhythm and vibe! Thank you!"
Project Manager for the website on Cryptorealist artist Davood Roostaei

"Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur englischen Version des Forums.
Ich habe mal kurz durchgeblättert und gratuliere Euch extra zur Wahl des Übersetzerin.... Ich finde die Übersetzungen sehr gut."

comments made on my English translation of the book Lost in a Labyrinth? - Alternative Therapy for the Manic-Depressive Disorder

Labyrinth at Amazon

"You are "great". We did not see this Tippfehler!"
IPK International (tourism)

"Thanks a lot.. sounds wonderful.
In general: better than what I expected!"
Author of novel: "GENoZid"

"Herzlichen Dank für die prompte Bearbeitung und meine Anerkennung für die exzellente Übersetzung."
Dr. Dieter Schillinger, Executive Director
Merial Deutschland GmbH

"Thank you very much for your help. I was especially impressed by the speed (and quality, of course!) of your work."
r. Rolf Streeck, departmental head (CAGE)
Merial Deutschland GmbH

"Thanks for translating everything so quickly...."
Frau Elena Kalambokis, aaFortuna

"Vielen Dank... ich komme immer wieder zu Dir,
habe bei Dir halt das grösste Vertrauen."
Frau Elisabeth Schuck, Trialog Übersetzungsservice

"Many thanks for the speedy and excellent translation. I just wanted to say that I was - as usual - very impressed with your high quality and wonderfully fluent style
Sternkopf Communications

"They all said they would have never thought that it was a German who wrote it. They said it was translated perfectly!"
Herr Harald Eder, Merrimotion Pictures

"Vielen Dank für die schnelle Arbeit... muß ich feststellen, daß es sehr gelungen ist und sehr professionell wirkt".
privat Geschäftsführer über sein Lebenslauf

"Your translation is absolutely wonderful! You certainly improved the original in many places.
If I knew someone to translate it back to German, I would!"
- mastermind behind

"What a brilliant translation. I loved it!"
Frau Susanne Aernecke, writer, director, producer






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